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Product Testing for Lead

By | Jul 30, 2013

  Southeast Lead Consultants continues to provide product testing.  What is product testing?  We use the same technology the FDA, CPSC and other governmental agencies use to detect lead and other heavy metals in everyday good like, dinnerware, toys, decorations, bicycles… We can detect lead, arsenic, cadmium, bromine, Mercury, and over 20 other metals.  In a matter of seconds we...

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Vancouver man gets prison for fake lead testing

By | Jul 26, 2013

Hmm, out of all the professions to impersonate, this man wants to be a lead inspector. Watch out!  (Don’t worry, we are licensed and insured to conduct lead paint inspections)     VANCOUVER — A Vancouver man was sentenced to 14 months in prison Tuesday for performing bogus lead inspections. Martin Glabes Kuna, 66, advertised his services online and told...

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Southeast Lead Consultants Expanding to GA Coast and more..

By | Jul 26, 2013

  Southeast Lead Consultants is expanding.  We now provide regular service to the Georgia and South Carolina coast. Our new local number is 912-303-5950. Southeast Lead Consultants, Inc. is a leading provider of lead paint testing and consulting services. We provide lead paint inspections, lead risk assessments, clearance testing, consultants and product testing. We detect lead in paint, soil, dust, water...

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Contractor Fails to Follow RRP – Fined $65,450!!!

By | Jul 25, 2013

EPA contractor will pay $65,450 for failing to take proper lead paint precautions in Omaha THE ASSOCIATED PRESS   July 25, 2013 – 5:39 pm EDT OMAHA, Nebraska — A company the Environmental Protection Agency hired to remove lead paint from homes in Omaha has agreed to pay $65,450 for failing to take proper precautions. The EPA says Prudent Technologies of...

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Reminder for Anyone Renovating, Repairing or Painting a Pre-1978 House.

By | Jul 23, 2013

This rule applies to 6 square feet of interior or 20 square feet of exterior work. The EPA pamphlet, the Lead Safe Certified Guide to Renovate Right for pre 1978 housing. Federal law requires contractors that are hired to perform renovation, repair and painting projects in homes, child care facilities, and schools built before 1978 that disturb painted surfaces to be...

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