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Lead Paint Liability for Paint Companies

By | Aug 14, 2013

Photograph by Spencer Platt/Getty Images Getting the Liability Out of Lead Paint By Megan McArdle Aug 12, 2013 3:15 PM ET Should we be able to sue the manufacturers of lead paint for the harms it has caused? Lead is very bad for you, as Kevin Drum has amply documented. It causes all sorts of neurological problems, particularly if ingested...

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Lead Poisoning in Georgia

By | Aug 8, 2013

  Came across this from the Georgia lead and healthy home program.  This is a link to the breakdown of children tested for lead poisoning and the results.  Some of the higher counties are: Chatham Country,  3,820 screenings for lead in blood.    28 children between 10-19 ug/dl and 7 >20 ug/dl Fulton Country 13,794 screening.  40 children between 10-19 and...

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Recalled Bed for Lead Paint

By | Aug 7, 2013

Southeast Lead Consultants has the ability to test consumer products for lead paint.  Our XRF analyzer is specially calibrated to test for lead in products, not just lead paint on houses.     (CPSC)– Before your child turns in for the night you may want to check their bed and it’s not because of bed bugs or monsters. Tuesday, the...

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Fined for Failing to Provide Lead Paint Disclosure

By | Aug 1, 2013

Springfield, Mass. Housing Authority Settles Lead-Based Paint Disclosure Case Release Date:  07/31/2013 Contact Information:  David Deegan, (617) 918-1017 Joint News Release U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, New England Office U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (Boston, Mass. – July 31, 2013) – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development today announced that the...

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Lead Paint Recall from CPSC

By | Jul 31, 2013

Recent recall for lead paint from the CPSC Recall date: July 31, 2013 Recall number: 13-255                         Enlarge                                                                          1 of 5 photosFar East Brokers Leisure Ways Kids’ Camp Chair                                                 2 of 5 photosFar East Brokers Leisure Ways Kids’ Folding Chair                                                 3 of 5 photosFar East Brokers Leisure Ways Kids’ Moon Chair                                                 4 of 5 photosFar East...

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